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Grows in clumps that are often spreading but sometimes upright to 2 ft. Stems are flattened and may have a purplish cast. Leaves are flat and up to 8 inches long with a prominent midvein and are hairy on both sides. Seed heads are in spikes up to 5 inches long.


Long, lobed and toothed leaves lie relatively flat to the ground in a rosette. Flower heads are born individually on hollow stalks. Milky sap. Plants grow readily from seed and regrow from the prior year's taproot. Thrives in moist soil and sun but tolerates most soil types.


A low, creeping plant with distinctive, compound leaves that have 3 same-sized, egg-shaped leaflets. Leaves often display faint, symmetrical white markings. White flowerheads rise above the foliage on leafless stems. Prefers cool, moist soils.

Ground Ivy

Creeping perennial, featuring a strong mint odor, has square stems several feet long that root at the nodes. Rounded, scalloped leaves and small, funnel-shaped purple flowers grow in clusters. Prefers moist, shady sites.